Mark Elliott is an Embalmer, Mortuary Cosmetologist, Trainer and Consultant

"Viewing the body of someone who has died can be an important step in accepting their death.

My mission is to help Funeral Directors and other griefworkers make this a positive experience for every bereaved person they serve."Mark

I am an Embalmer, Mortuary Cosmetologist, Trainer and Consultant with over ten years experience and offer the following services to people working in the Funeral sector:

Funeral Directors

I can train your staff to present a deceased person in a way that is helpful to the bereaved, perform advanced reconstruction work and offer you consultancy in developing and maintaining quality standards.

Branch Staff

If you've ever felt unsure about showing a deceased person to a family then my training course can teach you how to fix many common problems in the branch without having to involve your mortuary team.


In recent years, mortuary presentation tools and techniques have improved greatly. Let me train you to create a helpful last memory for bereaved people and coach you through complex or unfamiliar cases.